Thursday, April 12, 2007

My List

Here is another great way to give you lots of back links & raise your PR rating. Read the below information & find out more on how to do it.

The purpose of My List is to help all Malaysian bloggers to gain links to their blogs by participating in this list. Blogs covering all topics are welcome to participate in helping our fellow Malaysian bloggers to gain exposure and rankings. Unlike other link exercises, My List is aimed at providing a win win situation for all participants rather than the early birds getting the most benefit. If you are keen to participate, kindly read this page entirely for instructions and guidelines.

Improving Pagerank and Technorati rank of Malaysian blogs. The objective of improving Pagerank is targetted for July’s PR update while Technorati rank improvement will be ongoing with many experiencing it fully between June and July 2007.

Who can Participate?
-- Malaysian bloggers residing anywhere on mother earth.
-- Non-Malaysians whose blogs feature anything pertaining to Malaysia (example: Malaysian food, Formula 1 in Malaysia and etc).

Dateline for Participation
31st May 2007

Important Guidelines
-- One reminder email will be sent once the final list is updated on this page after the deadline.
-- All participants must then feature a brand new post before 15th of June with the final updated and complete list of participating Malaysian blogs downloadable directly via the email or from this dedicated My List page.
-- All My List Post must be permanent and accessible.

Submitting Your Other Blogs
You may submit as many blogs which is owned by you but each blog entry must contain their own My List post.

How To Participate
1. Download My List in Text format.
2. Make a new post promoting My List and guide your fellow Malaysian readers to this page if they are keen to participate.
3. Copy the entire Text File you downloaded.
4. Paste it at the end of your post.
5. Publish the post and ensure all links are in working order.
6. Submit your contact details and the permanent url of your MyList post by using this contact form or the one located below.
7. Your blog url will then be added to the list.
8. Post a new post of the final My List after receiving an email notification as mentioned in the guidelines above. This is done to ensure everyone will benefit from this even those who participate later or close to the deadline.

Here is the list I downloaded:

My List Participants

[ Wood ] [ Earth ] [ Cheap ] [ Flight ]
Ah Ling's blog
vivivava Design
My Mothering Corner
Shoppingmum’s Home Office
My Filling Station
Shopping Mum
All about Beauty
Shoppingmum and Kids
Notes from my heart
Joy Montessori
wahlau's online hut
Cedric’s Asylum
mott’s mutterings
Just My Thoughts
Incoherent Ramblings
Make Money Online with Malaysia Love AGLOCO
Funky Cookies
Earn Money Blogging
PabloPabla's Whatever
Make Money with Blogging
Paris Beaverbanks
Free Links Giveaway
Free Blogger Templates
Making a Living
How to be a Better Blogger
My Women Stuff
Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food
Best Recipes
Champagne Tastes on a Beer Budget
Daryl's Discovery Journey
The fluff must go somewhere


Daryl W.T. Lau said...

Hi Karen... the entire list is not linked leh... can amend please?

Joy said...

hi karen,

I'm the editor for Mother&Baby Magazine Malaysia. Am currently working on a story on blogging mothers and am wondering how to get in contact with you. I can be reached via email at Hope you can drop me a note. thanks. Great job on the blog btw. :)