Monday, April 23, 2007

Steamed minced pork with mushroom

This was what I cooked for dinner last night, Dillon was having it with herbal soup & rice and he finished up a bowl (about 4 table spoonful) of rice.

Pork meat (tender lean meat, "mui yok" in cantonese)
Chinese dried mushroom

Soy Sauce, Pepper, Sesame Oil, Egg White.

1. Chop the mushroom into small dices
2. Chop the pork meat & then add in mushroom dices.
3. Marinade the mixture with the above seasonings. Add in a bit of the water we used to soak the dried mushroom if you want more gravy for the dish.
4. Put in boiling water & steam for about 15 minutes & it's ready to serve.


If you don't like pork, you may substitute with chicken meat. Alternately you may substitute the mushroom with dried cuttle fish or salty fish meat.

Try this appetizing dish when you can't think of what to prepare for dinner.

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