Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What does he dislike?

Dillon is very "wai sek" (aka DBKL :P) and probably is because he was introduced to many variety of food since started on solid., or maybe it's a genetic thing....ahem ahem... (not me not me!)

Basically whatever food or drinks we gave him, he would take it & would want more, snacks like raisins, kacang, kua chi & even pickle fruits & asam boi (he likes sourish-spicy stuff) are among them, but of course I only give these sparingly.

It really makes me wonder if there is really something that he won't eat??? and finally I have identify 2 things that he dislikes recently:
1. Ice-cream
2. Coffee or anything of similar taste

I can understand that he doesn't like coffee because of the bitterness but I am surprise that he dislikes ice-cream, which apparently is one of the most popular snacks that kids would love.


Jan said...

what he doesn't like now, he may LOVE it months later, try again. heehee

machiam like my girl when she was younger. everything also sap....my kids love coffee....keep fighting over my cup of coffee.

huisia said...

maybe he doesn't like now, but sooner or later he will love it..trust me, that's what my experience told me..

karenyiau said...

Hahaha so he will end up being a true dbkl that just sapu anything loh? hehe lol