Monday, April 23, 2007

Dillon & his best buddy

Who is his best buddy? No doubt it'd be his Pacifier loh. Though I didn't like it, but what to do? My MIL introduced to him even before he was full moon. Until today, she still thinks it's brilliant to have introduced pacifier to Dillon in which it has eased our life whenever he want to sleep wor. Gosh!!! should I be thankful that now he won't sleep without his pacifier? (unless he is extremely tired or when travelling in the car)

After he changed into his sleepwear, he would "ask" for his pacifier....See what happens if I were to take away his pacifier! I wanted to wean him off but don't know where & how to start with. Sigh....shall I just relax & let him grow out of it?


Jesslyn said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my WP blog!

My Lyon is 2.5 yo now, still taking chut chut. Many advised me to wean her off but i just cannot stand her cry! *sigh* Let her be la, believe one day she will threw her chut chut by herself!

karenyiau said...

Haih.... I will try my best not to give it to my 2nd baby....