Thursday, April 26, 2007

Craving for tuna

Last week, I’ve had tuna sandwiches as breakfast for 3 days and on Saturday, I decided to buy a canned tuna mayonnaise & make my own sandwiches for this week. Then today I suddenly recalled that I’ve seen/heard somewhere that tuna is not that safe for pregnant woman to consume?

To clear my doubt, I quickly went to the web & search for relevant information & advices and most of them claimed that pregnant woman should have avoided tuna, esp. canned ones because of uncertainties about the risk of mercury contamination to developing fetuses.

Oh my god, apart from what I had last week, this week alone I’ve finished up one whole can of tuna over the past 3 days!!! I don’t know how bad this is going to affect my baby, a little? Or not at all? Sigh*** I started to feel guilty about it if it does cause any harm…… I just hope everything is fine.


Anonymous said...

yeah.. tuna can food dont eat so much. Even Salmon.. fish.. ikan kambung also la..

huisia said...

don't worry, i think won't affect much la..if you keep on worrying then even more sensitive..take it easy..

The New Parent said...

Hi K--I would think that the only way someone would be impacted is if they consumed a tremendous amount over a very long period of time.

I understand why you crave it, though (smile). It does taste good!

The New Parent said...

... also, thank you for providing a link to my blog. That's very thoughtful of you.

Yours is on mine, too!

jazzmint said...

first time here :), yup don't take so much tuna..but don't worry so much OK.

eh still mystery ah the gender?

karenyiau said...

Thanks for all your comforting words, now I don't want to worry too much coz there isn't anything I can do also, worries just make things worst. :)

Frank, thanks for dropping by for the 1st time.

Jazzmint, in my last 2 check ups doc said it's a girl so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.... :)

Baby Darren said...

thanks for dropping by my blog.

So happy to know another bb is arriving to this world soon (pregnant women are the greatest..hehe)

So, don't worry so much for what u've taken..just dun take it so frequent anymore in the future..i'm sure ur bb will be fine....he/she is a strong survival..