Wednesday, April 18, 2007


These 2 are Dillon's favourite book. On the left is "Good Night Moon" where I read to him before sleep; on the right is "My Peekaboo" fun book where he likes to flip the pages & "read" by himself. Another one that he is pointing at is the ABC book which is also the first book I bought for him.

Normally when I reach home after work, I will bring him to the room and that is when he will "read" the books.

I myself loves reading very much and I have been reading to him, or with him since he was few months old. I hope Dillon could pick up this habit from me as well. :)

Dillon (9 months old) was reading his soft book beside Mummy who was reading a novel.

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huisia said...

if mummy likes reading, son sure will like it...i always believe mother can impress son well..