Monday, April 9, 2007

Introducing Dillon

Well, this is him, my first baby boy - Dillon Yiau. He was borned 4 days past my expected due date on 6th December 2005, with a weight of 3.19kg, length 52cm and he has lots of hair. ^_^

He was a breastfed baby for about 8 months and started solid after then. He doesn't really like formula milk but he loves everything else, currently he is taking rice with soup about 3 times a week, not forgetting fruits & other snacks.

Whenever he sees food, he will say "mum mum" non-stop until he gets the food in his mouth and no matter how hard he cried, once we ask "do you want mum mum?" his tears will stop running immediately, hahaha.

His favourite activity is running around the whole house, climbing up & down the sofa & chairs, go to the kitchen & play with pots & pans, pull out the DVDs & VCDs from the rack, pressing the buttons on TV & DVD player etc etc. He also likes to go out for a walk or go to the playground in the evening to play the swing. Sometimes, we would bring him to mamak stall with us and that's probably why he is not afraid of strangers or Indians.

Although it's a great responsibility having a baby, but he has definitely brought so much of joy to me & hubby, & the whole family as well.

There is so much more about Dillon that I could never finish telling so I should continue next time because it's his bed time now. :)

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